Establishing a Company Guide in Turkey

Reference: Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment office



Foreign investors, instead of establishing a company directly, can also invest by cquiring shares in a company already established in Turkey. It is also possible for them to leave the company partnership by transferring the shares they have taken over to others.

At joint stock companies, registered shares and bearer shares can be printed. The transfer of bearer shares is carried out with the transfer of possession. The transfer of registered shares is carried out with the transfer of turnover and possession. Except in exceptional circumstances, it is not possible to limit the transfer of shares in joint stock companies. At the same time, share transfer in joint stock companies is not subject to registration and announcement.

Transfer of shares in limited companies includes the processes required by law.

These are

1-Signing the share transfer agreement between the parties and notarizing it,

2-Unless otherwise stipulated in the company contract, the approval of general to the transfer of shares,

3-Share transfer contract, the decision of general assembly approving the transfer and registration and announcement of the share transfer.


For the limited partnership divided into shares, the procedure of share transfer applied in joint stock companies are valid.