Investment Incentive System

Reference: Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment office


(E-tuys- Electronic Incentive Application and Foreign Capital Information System)

Investment Incentive Certificates are issued by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Since 2 July 2018, all applications for issuing new investment incentive certificates and notifications made to the Ministry by companies and branches established by foreign investors in Turkey are made through the web-based application called E-TUYS, which is managed by the General Directorate of Incentive Application and Foreign Capital. Only those who have a qualified electronic certificate and whose authorization application request has been approved by the Ministry can access the system to carry out investment incentives via E-TUYS. For this reason, investors must apply to the Ministry to perform the authorization process in the first place.  

After the authorization request is finalized by the Ministry, the persons authorized to perform transactions via E-TUYS can log into the system and initiate transactions.


  • Authorization

User authorization application documents (Petition, Letter of Commitment and Authorization Form and Signature Circular) are forwarded to the REM address of the Ministry's related department, the Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital General Directorate, through the company's REM address as

  • Authorization confirmation email

When the user receives a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address included in the application document confirming that the authorization has been made.

  • Updating the User's Investor Information

Updating the investor information of the authorized user via E-TUYS by following the steps in the "Investor Information Guide" and submitting it to the approval of the Ministry

  • Confirmation of Investor Information

Approval of the update on investor information by the Ministry

  • Incentive Certificate Application via E-TUYS

Making the application for the new incentive certificate by the authorized user via E-TUYS by following the steps in the "Incentive Certificate Guide" and submitting it to the approval of the Ministry.

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